Let’s get this out of the way up front. I am the Campaign Manager for Tricia Flanagan for U.S. Senate. However, facts are facts and this fact does not alter anything I’m about to say. It also doesn’t change the fact that I’m a NJ voter and a parent who wants to ensure that NJ is safe, fiscally sound, and prosperous, particlarly for my children’s sake. So let’s explore the following.
Who is Rikin Mehta? The NJGOP has a habit of promoting liberal RINO candidates. They are under the misguided perception that a conservative cannot win in NJ, despite the victory of Mike Testa in South Jersey.

Because of this flawed interpretation of NJ’s electorate, the NJ Establishment GOP has not won a US Senate Seat in nearly 50 years. Unaffiliated Conservatives, numbering nearly 2.5 MILLION people and 56% of the electorate in NJ, have walked away from the party as a result. The NJGOP Establishment has no interest in getting these people out to vote, by extension no interest in winning an election. Enter, Rikin Mehta.

The NJGOP Establishment, which represents 3% of the vote, has by a slim majority backed Rikin Mehta for Senate. He’s won the “coveted” lines in many counties, again, representing about 3% of the overall vote. He calls himself, as some in the NJGOP Establishment do, the “frontrunner”. I’m hard pressed to see how 3% overall support renders him a frontrunner of anything, however, if that’s what they want to call it, fine with me.

Rikin’s stump speech starts by talking briefly about his family. He mentions his “three little gentlemen” as he refers to his kids, and oddly mentions his sister, but not his wife, in lines that are rigidly delivered as if on cue as he awkwardly looks up from the lectern in his best Peter Storzk look and predictably hesitates for his canned laugh line. He goes on to talk about his sister being a great pediatrician in Bergen County. She may well be, but how is that relevant?
The only place you can find even an approximation of policy Rikin Mehta has attempted is his “STOPLIGHT LEGISLATION” for immigration on his website, which can ONLY be described as Catch and Release as the above graphic from his own website demonstrates. Say it with me CATCH AND RELEASE. To call it anything other is dishonest.

Rikin has been practicing a “WATER IS WET” approach on policy. Whether it is a written article by Rikin, or his flimsy speeches, or his campaign materials, he does not present a single policy. What this means is that he states the obvious “WATER IS WET”, then he uses two or three experts in the field of chemistry, physics, and fluid dynamics to back up his point. That indeed, water is wet. However, he NEVER takes his statements to a policy conclusion. The question nobody, at least in the establishment, asks Rikin Mehta is “so whatcha gonna do about it”. To date, he’s never been asked any questions, or proposed any solutions, besides catch and release immigration, of how he would address these problems. He’ll say “I am pro life”. He does not say that he supports abortion in the cases of (fill in the blank).

So while “technically” true, it’s not the truth. It’s what phonies do.
Policy is where the rubber hits the road, and where the biggest danger of exposure is for a RINO candidate with shallow platitudes like Rikin Mehta, and why the NJGOP wants to push him on the line with as little voter scrutiny as possible. With the NJGOP’s track record of supporting liberal RINOs, can we take a chance of electing another Mitt Romney? Why won’t Rikin Mehta put out any comprehensive plans?

Rikin’s career has taken him from a local CVS pharmacist to Washington DC. While there, he changed his voter registration from Republican to Democrat during his tenure in DC. It is during this time he praised Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democrat Convention in 2008, voted in Democrat Primaries, for Obama or Hillary, and was in his own words a POLITICAL APPOINTEE during the Obama administration, in 2014. He’ll tell you about being hired under George Bush, but his big promotion was given by Barack Obama. My spidey sense is telling me that we have an opportunist RINO here that is more concerned about his career than his core values. Rikin will not release the policy positions, emails, or any material pertaining to his time in DC where he was a high level government bureaucrat, for more than a decade. WHY?
After his stint in your corner CVS, government bureaucrat Rikin got a law degree. Admirable, but he likes to call himself DOCTOR MEHTA, which is true I guess, but like everything else, not telling the whole story. I know a lot of attorneys and none call themselves DOCTOR. It strikes this writer as odd that someone would do that, however it is completely consistent with RIkin Mehta’s modus operandi. Lies of omission by leaving a false impression with the listener. Like many politicians he does not present the entire truth of his claims while promoting himself. He’s a regular PT Barnum and believes we are the suckers.

For example, he claims to have the most “cash on hand”. What he leaves out is that only 12% of his campaign funds comes from voters. That means that 88% of his campaign funds are from himself; and not money that is the fruit of successful labor, but money that he borrowed. If he’s going to make funds on hand a selling point of his campaign, voters should have all the information–to set the record straight, to get a feel for this man’s candor, or lack thereof, and to see how fiscally unsound his campaign is. If he goes into over $250,000 worth of personal debt to run for an office that pays less than $200,000 per year, there may be a red flag there; and if he runs a campaign that’s insolvent, how will he manage budgets on a Federal level that critically affect NJ? He also doesn’t mention RHODE ISLAND has far more donors than NJ at right around $11,000. The big kicker is that a huge majority of the money he claims to have on hand comes in the form of LOANS that he took out. So he’s funding himself but gives the perception that he’s the “frontrunner” in fundraising. Taking out loans to run a campaign is not fiscally responsible. His campaign is mired in debt, but the NJGOP Establishment fell right in line, because all they care about is how much money a candidate has in the bank, despite Bob Hugin losing to Bob Menendez after spending $50 million of his own money.

Another red flag: Rikin Mehta refuses to debate. When asked on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS to participate in a debate so the PEOPLE of the Great State of NJ can hear his positions on issues, Rikin Mehta steadfastly refuses, and the NJGOP Establishment will not host a debate.
Tricia Flanagan is the only NJ U.S. Senate Candidate who has agreed to debate, but neither the NJGOP Establishment nor the Mehta campaign want you to see how he compares to his opponents. I personally have tried to set up a debate, and he has been steadfast in his refusal as has the NJGOP establishment.

So I ask again. Who is Rikin Mehta? What are his policies? Where are the solutions he wants to bring to Washington, what are his proposed actions to address these defined problems, and what does he claim the resolution will be? How will his policies fix the problem? I have seen NOTHING from him or his campaign resembling a policy, except for his aforementioned Catch and Release Immigration stance that will sink NJ further into sanctuary state status and only benefits criminals.

The citizens, the VOTERS of New Jersey have the right to know where RIkin Mehta stands on the issues. Why is he, with the blessings and assistance of the NJGOP Establishment, hiding from discussing policy? The VOTERS of NJ deserve better from this broken, corrupt system that promotes a fraud like Rikin Mehta.

Show us a policy, Mr. Mehta, just one POLICY PLAN that transcends shallow political platitudes. We are waiting, where are you Rikin? Where are you? Seems we have a better chance of finding how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop, or finding Waldo.


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