My husband and I arrived in Wildwood at about 11am on Monday, checked in to our hotel and promptly set off to the area surrounding the venue where we met up with our friend and great Patriot Rocky Granata.

For those unfamiliar with Rocky, he hails from the Great State of New Jersey and travels the Country in his Trump RV. We met him by Divine Providence in October When he had parked at our clubhouse parking lot. Hardly stopping the car, I ran over to his vehicle, hugged him and we spoke at length about how we can turn New Jersey Red.

I told him about Tricia Flanagan who is running against Cory Booker for U.S. Senate. We started following Rocky on Facebook so we’d always know where to find him.

This past Monday, 31 hours before President Trump’s rally, we had lunch with Rocky, his lovely sister Lisa and Richard Snowden. Richard has attended 64 Trump rallies! He gave us great insight into the campaign, and we exchanged ideas and inspirations on how to continue to help the President.

Our view from Bagel Cafe overlooked the gathering crowd hoping to be part of history. Mind you, this is still 30 hours before the rally was to begin.

And so, I began to walk the line, introducing myself as a campaign volunteer for Tricia Flanagan. The reception was amazing, and my conclusion that day was that New Jersey is so very ready for a true MAGA Republican candidate who will 100% support our President.

By the time I completed my introductions, it was almost 6 pm and the crowds were being moved to the holding area. People who had never met were buying each other meals and got coffee , holding each other’s place in line to use the facilities. The air was getting cold and windy but the atmosphere was warm and inviting.

Next day, the Big Day, we ventured out to the boardwalk from Spicer Ave up to the barricades down by the Convention Center.

Along the way we met dozens of more Patriots who are ready to turn New Jersey Red. I spoke with them about the June 2 primary and gave them Tricia Flanagan’s website.

Once again, we met up with Rocky. The crowd outside & in his RV was on fire for President Trump’s appearance.

Tricia’s campaign manager John Supino then arrived with a tent & banners. After setup, we met up at the Bagel Cafe. Suddenly there appears Richard Snowden! Tell me this isn’t the Hand of God working! In a crowd of tens of thousands, we keep meeting?

The crowd outside and around Rocky’s RV is growing larger. Then U.S. Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan arrives and her moment to shine is here! Her passionate speeches have the crowds stirred to such a frenzy that the opposition shows up to video tape her! New Jersey voters are Awake & ready to roll! We even met some of her Twitter followers. What an experience to finally be able to put faces to social media friends!

We watched the speeches on the Jumbotron and then gathered with the crowds to welcome the Presidential Motorcade. I heard one man shout “I saw him! I saw him!” which somehow struck me as the essence of why we were there.

A monumental night in history. Praise Be To The Creator for allowing me to be part of this movement. Thank you Lord for my new favorite people.

And if it is Your Will, Dear God, may Donald J Trump be reelected and Tricia Flanagan be our next U.S.Senator.


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