I don’t know if the average NJ Republican understands how the primary system works in the NJ Establishment GOP. I didn’t, until having witnessed it first hand.  I always wondered how we, republicans, keep getting left leaning liberal RINO republicans like Hugin to run, and kept losing. Now I know. The establishment puts their finger on the scale using a very disturbing process, and about 100 people in the State of NJ have the ability to over ride the will of the public.  The system favors insiders. 

Running for a state or federal position requires getting the blessing of all 21 counties of NJ. Most counties have a “line”.  What that means is that you get a coveted spot under the top of the ticket where people generally just drag their finger down the “line” and that candidate gets the primary votes.  

The process to get this spot, is deeply flawed. Not every county has a line, those that do, have arcane, secretive rules.  I’m not saying you can’t find the rules, but I am saying to find them is difficult. They are not published, they are not consistent, they are arbitrary.  They are used as a process of ELIMINATING not INCLUDING candidates before that candidate has an opportunity to present their case to the people of NJ. It lets a small politburo of political 

As bad as the national democrats are, even their votes come AFTER the candidates have the ability to make their case to the people. Have the county conventions AFTER the people have spoken.

If you’re a republican, and you are conservative, you are not represented.  If you want to be a citizen politician, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington type of service, that is nearly impossible to navigate the system in an effective way.  Each individual county has sway on who gets on the ballot in a coveted spot under President Trump. Who ever gets that spot has a much better chance of winning the primary.

The process to get that spot, is a blight on our nomination process. It is an insider game where about 100 people get to decide who will get the nomination. It makes a mockery of 

So how does the system work?  Before the primary each county has what is called “screenings”.  These screenings are for the county boards (politburos) to decide who is going to be “endorsed” by each county.  So you have between 7-10 people in each one of these county boards, deciding who they will endorse, giving that choice 

You’d be hard pressed to show me how this process benefits the voter.

This article was originally published at The Informed Conservative


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