In 2020, New Jersey’s Political tides have turned from Deep Blue to Red. Even Gallup confirms NJ skews Conservative. This year, Republicans will capitalize on the Democrat’s chaos to end their 38 year political reign while also making HISTORY in honoring the 100th Anniversary of women’s suffrage by Electing NJ’S first female, TRICIA FLANAGAN, to the US Senate.

The only hurdle to Tricia Flanagan’s campaign is battling NJ’s ANTIQUATED Political Election Process. Games played by Republican Party Establishment grants a few Committee members the power to award an unfair advantage, called a “COUNTY LINE” which is solely awarded through political means not Candidate merit. At this moment, an Ex-Obama bureaucrat whom many have labeled a RINO (Republican in name only) has been awarded a number of COUNTY LINES. These “awards” place him under President Trump on the Ballot which falsely gives the appearance of an endorsement by President Trump – Just what President Trump needs, another Ex-Obama RINO Senator he cannot trust; especially with Democrats’ appetite to attempt another impeachment.

Tricia Flanagan’s MAGA Majority Republican Resurgence Movement has catapulted her to the Populist Front-Runner Position. It’s IMPERATIVE that Conservatives & Republicans GET OUT AND VOTE to bypass the establishment’s COVETED COUNTY LINE. When voting, examine the BALLOT LINE LAYOUT to find U.S. Senate Candidate Tricia Flanagan’s America First Line!

The NJ Republican Party only loses when Voters stay home. Democrats would have you think, why bother because NJ’s a DEEP BLUE STATE. In the past that may have been true, however, 2020 has turned the tide.

Don’t take my word for it, NJ’S Democrat demise began in 2018.

  • Candidates running for seats in the House Of Representative made campaign promises they could not keep. NJ Representatives succumbed to political pressure of Impeachment, failing NJ voters
  • Former House Democrat, Rep Jeff VanDrew, dealt another crushing blow defecting to the Republican party!
  • The 2019 ELECTION RESULTS add to Democrat’s chaos. The Election RESULTS SURPRISED the Main Stream Media who begrudgingly reported Conservative Republican Mike Testa flipped a State Senate Seat! To add insult to injury, Assembly Seats, assumed to be easy Democrat wins flipped to Republican.
  • Still doubt NJ’s Turning Red? President Trump’s election team delivered a final blow by announcing a TRUMP RALLY in NJ which was a HUGE SUCCESS! A record breaking 158,632 Ticket Requests poured in for the Wildwoods Convention Center-a venue with a max of 7,500. NJ’s TRUMP RALLY garnered 73,482 newly Classified Republican Voters, 10.4% more residents who’ve never Voted and an astonishing 26.3% of the ticket requests were Democrat Voters!

2020 is a Prime time for Republicans to END Democrat’s 38 year Monopoly. TRICIA FLANAGAN is the ONLY CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN who will Beat Booker!

Flanagan’s plans are aligned with President Trump’s America First Policy. Tricia often refers to the U.S. Senate Seat as “Your Seat, Your Voice”. When Tricia is asked about her plans for NJ, she passionately explains her well formulated plans for NJ. Tricia does not spout “Talking Points”, but plans she’s been working on for years.

Over-Regulation & Red Tape propelled Tricia to form her American Healthcare Restoration Act. Tricia’s 25 yrs of Healthcare Experience coupled with business savvy gained by being CEO of Flanagan Group gave birth to a Plan that combines a Coalition of Physicians & Pharmaceutical Companies. The plan cuts premiums one-half to one-third, and Offers a Group of “Concierge Physicians ” with State-of-the-Art Care for as low as $175 a month. Of utmost importance to Tricia is to Put Patients First, Ensuring you maintain the power to make decisions about your healthcare needs, not Washington! The average savings per year is $24,000 for every NJ citizen.

New Jersey Residents deserve better than an Ex-Obama Era Employee posing as a GOP Candidate for their U.S. Senator, (Dem-Lite, or a RINO Candidate); They’ve caused enough damage in NJ. New Jersey voters have prioritized improving Healthcare, ridding the state of Democrat Policies, High Taxes, and Immigration reform.

Flanagan plans on tackling Governor Murphy’s new Democrat Policies head on at the Federal level! Liberal policies have created Higher Taxes and increased the Cost of Living, causing New Jersey residents to migrate OUT of the state, inadvertently raising the Tax Burden on Residents.

Tricia will fight Murphy’s Legislation which reallocates NJ Taxpayer’s money; like the highly controversial money grab benefiting Planned Parenthood. Murphy Froze $9.5 million funds allocated to hospitals, children & senior services to give to Planned Parenthood. I may be wrong, but I believe most NJ residents would prefer taking care of the young, sick & elderly before aiding a Privately Funded Company, and Tricia Flanagan is prepared to put Federal restrictions on Murphy’s allocation of funds.

As a woman of faith, Tricia vows to respect the faith of others as well as fight for the lives of the unborn and stop Infanticide! And, if you’re worried about your gun rights, don’t! Tricia vows to protect your 2nd Amendment Constitutional Right to keep and Bear Arms as well as fight for the Federal Reciprocity Bill that’s ready to come to the U.S. Senate Floor.

Flanagan’s plans won’t only lower taxes with legislation reformation, she also plans to:

Decrease taxes through retrieving taxpayer funds from the Government.

Leverage Private Companies to pay their Fair Share and alleviate private tax-payer burden.

Implement a business, technology & manufacturing Hub using all NJ’s resources including keeping NJ’s talented recently graduated technical students in NJ, capitalizing on that talent base with incentives to keep them in NJ, and increasing manufacturing, jobs & growth -Decreasing the tax burden!

  • Tricia also intends to Federally push back on Mr. Murphy’s other Damaging Democrat Policies.
    • His Program for Illegal Aliens to receive Driver’s Licenses
    • Homeless Crisis spurred by Bill DeBlasio busing NY’s Homeless to NJ
    • Most Importantly, Ban Sanctuary State Policy which has created a Safety Crisis
    • End CATCH & RELEASE (In case you’ve been misinformed, catch and release is a program when a person enters the United States illegally, then is RELEASED into the United States, not sent back to their Country of Origin)

Tricia’s end to these Democrat Policies will result in a lower tax burden for NJ, a more fruitful state that welcomes people back to the Beautiful shores and attraction of the Garden State.

Finally, 2020 offers New Jersey another history making opportunity. It’s the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which granted American women the right to vote, a right known as women’s suffrage. It was ratified on August 18, 1920. What better way to honor a woman’s right to vote than to Elect NJ’s 1st Qualified Female Conservative Republican to the U.S. Senate & Flip Absentee Do Nothing Cory Booker’s Seat (according to *GovTrack, Cory Booker missed 99.1% senate roll call votes from oct-dec 2019, 16.8% total votes missed -much WORSE than the average missed among lifetime records of senators which is 1.4%) Booker missed 334 of 1,993 Votes!

Electing Tricia Flanagan will give President Trump an Ally, increase Republican Senate Majority and give NJ its voice back! .

Let’s Make NJ Great Again!


PLEASE REMEMBER: Search for Tricia Flanagan’s LINE on June 2nd’s PRIMARY BALLOT!


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